Doctoral Course Descriptions

BUSI 701 Advanced Business Administration – 4 hours
This course will further study the philosophy and principles of business administration in relationships to ministry objectives and assignments. This course will study the practical responsibilities of those engaged in ministry including building a team, staff meetings, financial reporting, accountability, board meetings, business meetings, documentation of paper work, insurance policies, maintenance of facilities, and a variety of other practical materials that must be addressed regularly in ministry.

CMIN 701 Postmodernism and The Response Of The Church – 4 hours
This course will study this current postmodern generation and will help the student discern what their response should be to be specific needs; while not compromising the integrity of the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

CMIN 702 Studies of Breakout Churches in the 21st Century – 4 hours
This course will study the principles of growing churches and discover the commonality of their approaches in ministry. Learn what it took for these leaders to get where they are today and discover what will work in your personal ministry setting.

CMIN 703 Creating Community Through Small Groups – 4 hours
This course will further and more in depth study the need, develop a philosophy, and implement a strategy for effective small group ministry in the local church. Numerous successful models that have been implemented around the world will be studied.

COUN 701 Advanced Crisis Counseling – 4 hours
This course will study the proper ways to address the deeper crisis situations that will occur in ministry and to minister to those in need in a sensitive, caring manner. Students will study various life issues including depression, anxiety, financial issues, anger, forgiveness, abuse, suicide, eating disorders and various other challenges facing people in the 21st century.

COMM 701 Preaching to 21st Century Audiences – 4 hours
This course will study the process of putting together a message and/or lesson that will capture the attention of the audience and provide life changing result in the end. With the increasing influence of technology and media, audiences have greater expectations from their worship gatherings than ever before. The student will focus on the proper interpretation of Scripture as the bedrock for preaching and learn how to implement visuals, stories, and other tools to assist the preaching experience and to make the Word of God come alive.

COMM 702 World Religions & Cults – 4 hours
This course will study the beliefs of the major non-Christian religions of the world including Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and Islam. Emphasis is placed on each tradition's analysis of the basic human problem and the solution that it offers to the problem. Attention is also paid to new, emergent religious movements and cults.

LEAD 701 Visionary Christian Leadership – 4 hours
This course will study the meaning of true Christian leadership and will help the student discover ways to personally live it out and implement it in whatever ministry capacity in which they are serving. Several historical and current church leaders’ lives will be discussed to help the student find their own personal leadership style.

READ 701 Readings in Contemporary Christianity – 4 hours
This course will study three textbooks to discover differing viewpoints of various theological and practical issues. The student will be required to read the texts and to write a 5 page paper on each that discusses key points of the book and how it practically applies to life.

RESEARCH 801 Doctoral Research Project – 9 hours
The research project is designed to incorporate all of the aspects of what you have learned throughout the DMin program. You must plan a major event/outreach and clearly incorporate five (5) principles from each class. The student must explain why you did what you did, as well as whether or not it was effective. In addition, the student will be required to video the event (raw data, not over produced) so that our Doctoral Consortium will be able to watch the event and get a sense of the overall effectiveness of the event.