Tuition Increases 07.01.18 to $1,500

June Special Opportunity 


WCBCS Accreditation Explained

$1,000 One-Time Tuition-in-Full Payment

West Coast Bible College & Seminary is excited to announce our tuition-in-full payment for only $1,000.00.

Why are we offering our tuition so inexpensively?
Simple: WCBCS exists to create disciples of Christ, without creating disciples of debt. We believe a quality education should be accessible for all, without leaving you in debt for a lifetime. 

Here's what you need to do:

*Make the one-time payment
*You will be redirected to a link that includes the application
*Follow the directions on the linked page
*Receive your degree plan
*Start your program

$1,000.00 Full-Tuition, Application Fee, Life Learning Fee, and Graduation Fee Included for a limited time ($500 savings)

Our tuition will return to $1,500 in July

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