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 Kevin at the governor's mansion

Kevin was given an invitation to have lunch with Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, following several initiatives he spearheaded including The Gathering Waco (2015) and assisting the victims of the West Explosion (2013).

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            Kevin & Becky harrison

Kevin has been honored to be married to his best friend, Becky, since July 3, 1987. Becky has been a MAJOR part of the ministry throughout their marriage and is a gifted teacher and leader of women. 

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    daughters, mikaela & julianna

Kevin and Becky have been blessed with two wonderful daughters, Mikaela, 20 and Julianna, 15. Both love God deeply and were all-state volleyball players. Mikaela attends UTA and is majoring in nursing.

Easter Sunday Message 2015

Kevin believes in the power of creativity in speaking! During this message of Easter 2015, he spoke a message of hope to the largest crowd in the history of VLC challenging others to see Resurrection Sunday differently. His unique blend of humor and creativity make people comfortable in hearing and responding to the Gospel.

Teaching on Biblical Interpretation

Here is a recent teaching for the Petra Schools of Ministry on Biblical Interpretation. The 10 practical points, utilizing the Book of Philippians as the basis for understanding, helped people develop life-long. life-changing skills.

Sunday Message

This message is #5 in the Epic Moments series. Kevin typically speaks in one month series, and prefers expository preaching. 


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Daily Family Devotions Example

Kevin has been offering the Daily Family Devotions since 2013 to members of the West Coast community and beyond where he reads through the New Testament each year and gives commentary on a verse. It takes between 4-7 minutes daily. Families, couples, and individuals use the WC app or website to daily learn from God's Word. In addition, he offers the Daily Family Proverb for personal growth. 

March 8, 2017 - Wednesday

Bible Passage


1) What did this verse make you think about Jesus' ability to use anything or anyone? 
2) What did this verse make you feel about how we limit Him sometimes through our lack of faith?
3) What did this verse help you know about how Jesus wants to use you in His story?
4) What did this verse challenge you to practically do to impact the life of someone else?