West Coast is now 100% Mobile

WCBCS courses can now be accessed 100% on your cell phone. A smartphone with a browser is required for this functionality.

Here's how it works:

1) You will need to access the WCBCS website on your cell phone or WCBCS app. It will give you the same functionality as on a computer. 
2) You will need to download the Kindle app for your cell phone. Every book is available via the link on your course page and can be read on almost all iPhones and most Android phones. The Amazon Kindle app is free to download. 
3) Applications: Click on an application and fill it out. Much of this can be done with the talk-to-text feature found on most smartphones.
4) Payments: All payments can be made by accessing the specific payment link or in the WCBCS Store.
5) Taking a class: All you will need is your course link and you can click on any link and view on your cell phone. You can email the link to yourself to access. All written documents, including the syllabus and reviews, are in .pdf format. All links for assignments and exams will redirect you to ProProfs which will allow you to take your assessments on your phone. 
6) Using talk-to-text: For the writing assignments, we recommend using the talk-to-text function to share your Chapter Summaries, Discussion Board Initial Posts and Responses, Book Reviews, Key Truths, and Research Articles.

There's nothing else to it. Follow these steps and you can use your phone to earn your degree! If you prefer to still use your tablet or computer, you can do that too!You now have the ultimate flexibility to complete your degree! 

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