*Internet access and a computer
*Word processing program of some type
*Purchase a membership to for library research resources
*Create a free blog website on
*Create a YouTube or Vimeo account to post Vlog’s

MODULE 1: Reading and Key Truths (50% Grammar/Spelling and 50% content)

*Key Truths (5 things you learned in the book that will impact you in the future)
*Write a chapter summary (Overview of each chapter – 100 to 200 words or less per chapter – bullet point formatting is acceptable)
*Write an online book review that is posted on the student’s blog

MODULE 2: Book Test

*Closed book test over content (1 per chapter – True or False)
*5 critical thinking questions (Multiple choice)

MODULE 3: Lecture Quiz

* Teacher lectures (10 questions)
* YouTube and Vimeo lectures (10 questions)

MODULE 4: Magazine Articles & Quiz

*Read 5 articles and take quiz
*Research one academic journal article, and two magazine articles that are directly related to the course content from Questia and summarize in 100 to 200 words or less per each article (completion grade – student must provide links and summaries)

MODULE 5: Final Paper (50% Grammar/Spelling and 50% Content)

*6 Assimilation Essay Questions (In your own words, answer the following questions) 2 hours to complete – no open book or notes

     o  KNOWLEDGE: What one concept did you learn in this class that impacted you the most?
        *explain the concept in 75-100 words
        *explain the concept in 10 words or less
     o  COMPREHENSION: How would you compare your previous knowledge on this subject with what you know now?
     o APPLICATION: Create a scenario and explain how you can practically apply that one concept to a real life or ministry setting.
     o ANALYSIS: Can you identify two ways this concept can benefit others?
     o EVALUATION: Evaluate the contribution you believe this one concept will have in your future life.
     o SYNTHESIS:  In 100 words or less, develop a simple argument someone might make against your one concept and what your brief response would be.  

·      6 Practical Application Social Media Assignments and provide links (summarize what you have learned)

       a) Twitter (140 characters or less)
b) Facebook post (non-preaching, simple post)
       c) Blog post (in 100 to 200 words write a creative, attention-getting post on about something in the course that was          
       important to you)

       d) Instagram or Pinterest (pic with course relevant title)
       e) YouTube or Vimeo Video (1 to 2-minute video – talk about one important thing that is creative and captivating from what you have

       f) Discussion board post (post on school discussion board and respond to one other person – write down your post and your response
       to one other person)
 Mark your initial post as INITIAL POST YOUR NAME – only respond to initial posts - (for example: 

·      Personal and Spiritual Growth Assignments 

       a) Memory verse quotation (every class will have one )
b) Daily Family Devotion (summarize one devotion during class that was significant to you in 100 words or less)