Can We Be Loved Too Much?

That sounds like a ridiculous question; of course we can never have too much love.  Maybe we should give that a little thought.  We do expect our parents and our children to love us; that’s normal and believed to be an absolute except maybe in a few unfortunate instances.  Does God love us?  Of course He does; He created us after all; why wouldn’t He love what He has created?  To be truthful, love is a vital part of our lives and yet we frequently don’t understand its implications.  You’re wondering how I can say that, after all I am basically the same as you.  That is true, but this morning I felt like the Lord asked me “do you actively and daily believe that I love you?”

By this time you are thinking what a stupid waste of time it is to read this devotional, but I challenge you to think along with me as I strive to understand myself why the Lord is asking me this question.  It is true that I am going through a part of life where this thought could easily come to mind, but it is also a time when I realize that the Lord has shown Himself more abundantly in my life than I have ever really thought about or properly appreciated.

Shouldn’t I already be acknowledging that my whole life has been blessed even when I didn’t realize it?  Couldn’t I have learned this same lesson from a book or from listening to the pastor on Sunday morning as He tells me about the love of God?  Aren’t we funny people; we accept that God is a good God and yet we often see that as He works for others, not in our own life?  And then we often miss the reason and expectation of what we should be doing to even partially repay Him for what He has given us.  It’s my opinion that at this time in history we should not only be aware of our blessings, but we should be more concerned about what we have not done to show our love for Him.  And folks, I am not talking about money to help the hungry and needy; I am talking about how we give every day as the Lord has freely given to us.

Life was ordained to be a time of creation, a time to live and begin to understand simply why we were created and a time to follow through with the proper ending of the chapter.  While it is true that we cannot always understand the whys and wherefores it is also true that we don’t have to understand everything; we simply have to be God’s children who love and respect the Father and accept that He knows better than we do.

There are more references to the word “love” in a Bible concordance than any other word and Jesus, Himself, plainly told us as recorded by John that Love has been perfected among us in this: that we may have boldness in the day of judgment; because as He is, so are we in this world (1st John 4:17).   But let us look at that not as a final act of great generosity, but as an everyday thing.  How often do we miss the opportunity to show love especially to the stranger we may see only once?  Jesus said By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another (John 13:35).  I know, as you may also, that there are times when we can actually see the love of God in another’s actions or words.  Can we slow down our lives enough to notice who walks by and who might actually need some help or even a kind word?  Can we be that bright and shiny star that changes the heart of those we see in our everyday life, those who simply need a word of encouragement that life really is worth living?  I want to try.  Will you join me?

All this Christmas may we celebrate
With friends and family all around
The true meaning of this time of year
The Savior has come down

                                    - Kevin Harrison