Just One More Chance?

Have you ever been through a time when you have said out loud to the ceiling – Just one more chance, Lord,  just one more chance.  If you have not you have just missed one more calling upon your life, for the Lord God has plans for every day of your life even though you may not see the total picture.  Why is this?  I think it is one of the most important lessons of life; it’s called trust.  You might even ask yourself if there isn’t a better way to teach trust, but who am I to answer that question.  And, of course, there will be many who will respond with “That’s a stupid question”.  It may be, but if you really think about it, it’s a valid one.  Trust is one of the most important things you will learn in your life especially when most people living today think they can do it themselves.  I mean we have made such progress in life, why can’t we be expected to handle this simple thing?  What would you say if I told you that there is nothing simply simple in this life?  It is obvious to most of you reading this nonsense that many would respond with that same word – that’s nonsense.

However, in order to have the life we hope for and the life we were created for we will have to spend more time than we would like having to ask for just one more chance.  It’s a simple fact of life.  We learn through our mistakes and hopefully avoid a few pitfalls in the process.  It would seem that a life lesson learned through mistakes turns out to be of more benefit to those around you as well as yourself and consequently ends up becoming more relevant in your life.

Luke does tell us to be aware that there will come a time when we will see men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken (21:26).  If ever there has been such a time we could claim today for its presence.  Evil is rapidly spreading in our world and we can hear and read about the horrible atrocities that mankind is perpetrating throughout the globe.  Can we put a stop to it or are we already beyond the limit God will allow?  Jesus is not going to reveal to us God, the Father’s plan, but He will tell us that we should consider being prepared for the time when we will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory (27).  Yes, but is it tomorrow or ten years from now? 

I can’t answer that question any more than you can, but it probably would be a smart thing to be ready no matter what day it is.  Too often we put things off until tomorrow; maybe this is something we ought not to put off at all.  What would it hurt to be prepared?  It actually might benefit us in the day ahead.  You might be agreeing with me at this point, but still what is the answer.  The answer is and always has been that the answers to all questions of this life can be answered in the Word of God.  I can already hear you saying “not the specifics”, but the specifics are there also.  It may be that you will find them within a larger covering, but they are there.  For instance, how to resolve one’s problem might be covered under the larger heading of “let us love one another”.  There are those times when remembering that God really does love His children will help you climb out from under a heavy depression or help a close friend or both.

While it is true that we have a hard time finding time in these busy days, it is not just a nice thing, but a necessary one.  I don’t think any of us want to be turned away at Heaven’s gate because we couldn’t make the time to pick up our Bible and read, hopefully with an open mind to discover the things we need to accomplish before our trip to see our Maker.   

Upon the cross of Jesus mine eyes at times can see
The very dying form of One who suffered there for me,
And from my stricken heart with tears, two wonders I confess:
The wonders of redeeming love and my own worthlessness.