Deep Roots?

I imagine that most of us at one time or another have planted something and waited eagerly to see if or what it might grow into.  I have a dear friend that the Lord talks to on occasion as she is driving to work and she at one time had shared with me one of her experiences.  I’msure she won’t mind my sharing it with you.  She was noticing how lots of trees were turning yellow, brown, or even losing their leaves, while some trees were still green.  It occurred to her that they are exposed to the same hardships, but some remain green and some wither.  People are like that, too.  The difference is deep roots.

 The prophet Isaiah reminds us – woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight (5:21).  Therefore, as the fire devours the stubble, and the flame consumes the chaff, so their root will be as rottenness, and their blossom will ascend like dust; because they have rejected the law of the Lord of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel (24).  I wonder how many of us today are surprised when we see our efforts turn to naught, wondering why; we thought it was such a good idea.  Are we living in a time of drought?

It is so easy in these days when we are constantly running to forget to water our roots.  Isaiah referred to Christ as a root out of dry ground (53:2) because at the time of His birth the family of David had been cut off from the kingship; their moral foundation had been supplanted by a debauched and pleasure-loving citizenry.  Could it be that we are living in a similar situation today; have our hearts turned cold and indifferent to what is happening all around us?  You would have to admit that it is far easier to look at what Isis is doing and condemn their wicked ways than to look at our own lives and ask ourselves would our Lord approve of how we are living.  Yes, I know, as individuals it is hard to change the world in which we live, but we can change the way in which we represent ourselves to the people with whom we come in contact.

I realize that we have many thoughts running through our minds as we fight the minutes of our days which run through our fingers much too fast.  Jesus, himself, told the people of His day – Blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear (Matthew 13:16).  He didn’t say that we should stop living and simply meditate, but He did warn the people of His day to listen and react to what they knew and heard.  He desires that His people learn how to be good sowers so that the earth He created can blossom and flourish.  I believe, as I am sure you do also, that there are many in this world that sincerely wish we could rid ourselves of the evil that seems to be spreading like wildfire.  We do not have, individually, the ability to undo what has been done, but we can take to heart and turn to action the Word of our Lord as He encouraged His disciples and the people of His day – But he who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty (Matthew 13:23).

We may, by ourselves, lack what it takes to make a difference, but with Jesus all things are possible.  Our Creator God will have the last word and the way things look today that won’t be long in coming.  Can we make use of our time as it was designed to be; can we be the example that our children need as society tries its best to remove from every avenue of learning the things of God?  Can we turn our churches from simple times of fellowship back into serious times of worship and petition?

One day every tongue will confess;
One day every knee will bow;
Still the greatest treasure remains for those who gladly choose You now!