Where Are We Actually Headed?

Before you decide this is just another one of the same old things let me assure you that I am not talking about where our country is headed.  We are all aware of the consequences of our decisions.  I would like to spend a few minutes though talking about where we personally are headed.  It has gotten easier, because there are so many choices, to put off the tough questions for another time when our heads are clearer and our thoughts more kind.  Most of us find ourselves exhausted before its time to go to bed; we need to relax in order to get a good night’s sleep so maybe we should watch a little television.

There are many arguments that can be made for the good old days, but I think most of you would agree that there are some things we should have kept.  It really is a shame that progress has allowed and even encouraged burning bridges.  Are we really better off?  Yes, the invention of equipment has made farming much easier than it was in the past, it also has caused us to lose sight of equally important things.  Slow down for a minute and take a good look at how our children today think and what they are consumed with learning.  You can see every day where their hearts are being led.

While some of you will disagree let me give you a glimpse of what I am being confronted with.  I have found myself being included in a world I never considered before. I am revisiting things that are greatly adding to my peace and zest for living.  I have been enjoying the past where people didn’t have time for TV and they don’t miss it. Their children are happy and the adults are fully enriched with the life they have chosen. This doesn’t mean they are doing without, they have simply made the choice of what will bring them the most happiness and they are thriving because of it.  Their God is considered in all that they strive to do and they always find time to thank Him and be grateful for what He has provided.  They never walk alone because He is always with them sharing His presence in all they do.

I am not saying that we have all become degenerate people grasping at straws for our life enjoyment; I am saying that we could often spend our time better, doing things that would bring peace to our own personal lives as well as being something done for others.  How do we go about finding those things?

If we spent more time in the Word we might discover our greatest satisfaction simply in His presence.  I am not saying that you should immediately clean out your closet, throw away all your toys and get realistic about life.  However, there are people you see around you that you recognize as having found their greatest joy spending time with their Creator.  Why do you think His disciples left their homes to follow Him?  They found what life really was created to be.  If we spend some of our precious time looking can we find a few of those things that will actually bring us joy instead of being worn out?

Okay, as soon as we finish adding some things to our list, we will ponder the situation.  We probably should slow down at stop signs; it would probably be easier on our hearts and it surely wouldn’t cause us to be any later than we usually are.  While we are in this neighborhood is there someone we know who lives here that might could use a visit or a favor?  I know that people don’t really care to have visitors unless they know we are coming, but maybe we could call and see if they need anything.  I wonder if there is someone at the hospital that I am passing who is longing for a visit.  Most people need a friendly face when they are suffering.  Did I forget to bring my Bible with me as I promised myself I would do?  Gee whiz!  This is tougher than I thought it would be; maybe I will try again tomorrow when I can find more time.  What did you say, Lord?  Just a moment – I have to turn my radio down.

I would be friend of all – the foe, the friendless; I would be giving and forget the gift; I would be humble for I know my weakness; I would look up, and laugh, and love, and lift.