Thy Word is Truth!

Do you ever ponder about just why we are here and for what purpose?  Have you ever wondered if you actually know or understand truth?  The meaning of truth has always been available to us, often in different versions in case we don’t understand one we have another, but we have no excuse even though we often do our best to claim one.  Jesus, knowing His time was short upon this earth, prayed to His Father, regarding His followers – They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.  Sanctify them by Your truth, Your word is truth (John 17:16-17).

There are so many falsehoods flitting around us these days I wonder if we ever consider how important truth actually is in our daily lives.  We have claimed ownership of so many things in our world, usually things that bring us a lot of joy and make our lives easier.  Before you tell me I am not one to address this thought let me tell you I have a new car that does everything but cook my dinner and if the truth were known it still scares me a little.  I have to go to the reference book to figure many things out.  Just off the top of my head I believe I hear the Lord telling me that we spend too little time in His book learning about how we are actually to live each day.  While it is true that most of us can get through a day without having to check out instructions, the thought still remains that we may not be getting the most out of what the Lord has provided for us. 

We have always been taught and regarded the knowledge that evil is something to be avoided, but many of us have not had truth stressed to us in its full meaning and so normally only deal with things that are going to be devastating to us physically, not mentally or spiritually.  I wonder why that is, especially since our lives will be judged in total.  The Psalmist tells us And Your law is truth (119:142).  It is true that I can enjoy my car without knowing everything about it, but I will not be able to enjoy it as I should without the knowledge offered me.  I would venture to say that most of us do not think of God’s Word in that way.  The hour is getting later by the moment; maybe we should think on that.

The Gospel has never needed to be propped up with human philosophy, but you would have to admit that today’s modern church has been watered down by its efforts to become user-friendly.  There are still those who try to remind us that the church should be known for preaching Jesus, for living by the dictates that are motivated by His life and death.  However, you probably should ask yourself if we are still missing the dedication that we need to have as children of God.  The Psalmist reminds us that The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, and saves such as have a contrite spirit (34:18).  If we truly believe the title of this devotional than we should believe in the wisdom it preaches and teaches.  If someone were to ask you how well you think our world is doing just how would you answer that question?

We all assume that for the most part we are living a life in line with the truth, but are we?  Where is it that we draw our truth from these days?  Is it from our neighborhood’s book of restrictions or our bosses list of how he wants his company run or maybe even what our best friend thinks?  You’re saying you never thought of it that way.  Well, maybe it is time you should.  All of us know that we draw our functions and activities from what others are thinking in the days in which we live.  You should know that that can be a dangerous thing.  Each of us has a set of values and beliefs that come from either our parents or from those with whom we are acquainted.  Is that subject to change?  I think it can be.  We were never supposed to be carbon copies of anyone else.  We were designed to be inquiring people who would make their decisions based on the approval of their hearts.  You didn’t know that.  JUST THINK ABOUT IT!