On Christmas Day

On Christmas Day I heard the voice of Jesus say “Peace on earth, good will toward men” and I knew in my heart the greatest desire of life at the same time as I realized that we are so very far from its goal.  There are many goals that we have in this life, things that each one of us is made for, things that are experienced in different ways, in different hearts and yet all are important and special in its own right.  Do you understand, has your life desire been accomplished in your life; have you known the special joy that comes with reaching the best of your goals, the one that your life was created for?

When God first created mankind He never intended us all to be the same.  He gave each one of us a different makeup for the purpose of a special task because He desired to see us all together as one very special unit, a total mass of eternal love and goodness that lay within His heart.  If we could catch a glimpse of His face today I wonder what His expression would be.  We have individually traveled so many different roads and yet we still have so far to go to come to that junction where we will once again meet each other and rejoice together in the love of God’s heart.  I wonder if it is still a possibility.

I do understand and believe that He is in control and He will see the ending He desires, but I wonder why we have taken so long to learn the simplest of lessons.  Life is really not so undefined that we must check the end of the story to determine our part in its accomplishment.  We simply have to speak to Him every day to see how this day should unfold.  He never intended life to be rigid or complicated, simply to be loving and kind.  Maybe we have just been looking in the wrong places or maybe even in the wrong dictionary.

At this special time of year we don’t need a dictionary or even another well thought of person to tell us what we should know or what we should feel.  It is in the air if we will but listen.  Christmas is a time of rejoicing, a time when we put down our daily burdens, look upward and speak and listen to the One who created us; a time when we reorganize the items on our list and realize that we have often been neglecting the real purpose for our existence.  God made His children to be the actual, touchable, seeable conception of His great love.

In many years past He spoke to kings as well as shepherds to help His children understand that we were all meant to be as one even though our earthly jobs, our visible talents and occupations, would be different.  He didn’t desire to have a boring and dull existence whose people would never know what they could have been; He desired for us, individually, to have a specific place in the scroll that He was writing, a place that would forever be uniquely ours.  It was to be the groundwork that would reflect in many different ways the great love that He had in His heart, the need to fulfill His greatest dream, the fulfillment of a love unlike anything that ever existed or that mankind would ever really understand.

At this time of year as we once again celebrate His birth, can we try to understand even with our limited abilities how such a love could be even a possibility?  As we sing our songs written for this special occasion can we try to feel His love in our hearts and join with the brothers we might one day meet –

Joy to the world; the Lord is come; let earth receive her King;
Let every heart prepare Him room and heaven and nature sing.