O Happy Day!

That is what we all long for each and every day, isn’t it?  If you could backtrack through your week and its activities could you claim that every day has been a happy one?  I don’t think most of us could because life in today’s world is filled with more problems that we could have ever dreamed up.  Is there anything we can possibly do about this situation we wish we could avoid?

Friends, I believe we can because I am seeing it for myself and also in many that I call friend.  Have we somehow or another found the age-old secret that we often spend our time looking for?  It’s really so simple that I often wonder how our world could have gone so astray.  And yet we all know that something that is really easy to see is not also what we should know in our hearts.  Our world has drifted so far and yet the solution has always been available for us if we really, really want it.

When this world was created by God things weren’t complicated.  He had a plan for a large family that would be happy together and love and treat Him as a benevolent Father.  He gave us the very best of examples when He allowed His Son to be born in a stable and placed in a lowly manager.  He didn’t come as a king to claim God’s children as His right to order and discipline.  He came to show us by His life what life could be like for all of us if we would just listen and accept His wisdom and knowledge.  As the days pass don’t you often feel a hair discouraged and disappointed that things aren’t exactly like you hoped they would be.  We can change that though; all we have to do is listen to His voice and follow His lead.

In the days ahead, we will find ourselves rushing around trying to accomplish more than we normally do because Christmas is coming and the time is special and we may have company and …maybe that is one of our problems.  We are so focused on what might happen that we often forget simply what has already happened.  The one who loves us more than any other simply wants to enjoy our company and see us smile and be full of joy and gratitude for the wonderful things He has so conveniently left on our doorstep.  Life was never meant to be harried and rushed; it was meant to be looked at with joy and eagerness, appreciating all the beauty He has given us and trying to figure out how to share what we are about to explode with to others less fortunate.  Meeting the real needs of others is not so difficult when you remember that they are just like us – busy but longing for a moment when someone might turn a smile their way and the day would seem a little brighter and our load a little easier.  You know what I am talking about because all of us have had those kinds of days.

The Psalmist tells us that Happy are the people whose God is the Lord (144:15).  Solomon, one of the wisest tells us that Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains understanding for her proceeds are better than the profits of silver, and her gain than fine gold (Proverbs 3:13-14).  Even Paul who went through much suffering in serving the Lord he loved learned that Happy is he who does not condemn himself in what he approves (Romans 14:22).  So often in the days in which we live we assume that being happy requires something special or extraordinary, but God always intended for us to be a happy people, full of gratitude and the fullness of life, the very joy of living.  As we ponder the days ahead let us try to do a better job of enjoying what He has so graciously given us.

O happy day, O happy day,
When Jesus washed my sins away.
He taught me how to watch and pray
And live rejoicing every day!
O happy day!