Does The Father Really Love Me?

I know you are already wondering if this is worth spending time on; after all we know and have been taught for years the answer to this question.  Jesus sacrificed His very life to show us just how much we mean to Him and our Father.  Surely there is nothing left to say, but maybe we need reminding.  There has to be some reason why I left the kitchen with the eggs already in the pan.

Is it possible to truly comprehend what it cost Jesus to prove the truth of His Word?  We, in our puny efforts to be absolutely sure of something often desire to have it written in blood.  Well it would seem this has already met those requirements.  But I ask you, have we responded as we should; is this something that we simply know because we have been told or have we responded as a debtor would be expected to respond?  Why would He do this for me in the first place?  We, as individuals, often learn through our own experiences or because someone we trust has told us it is so, but then the cost is not usually so high.  What makes us worth this unusually severe and horrible sacrifice?

When someone in authority manufactures something of value it has a price set on it and rarely will we find it on sale below its understood value.  If that means that we have a certain value and responsibility to our Creator how do we become worthy of that value?  I hate to say it, but I know it to be true: most of us human beings rarely consider what our lives actually cost our Creator.  Why would He even consider such an expensive gift?  What would He consider a fair exchange?  I believe Jesus would say nothing was required, that He simply sacrificed Himself because the Father who created us loved us.

John recorded the very words of Jesus himself - Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for His friends (15:13).  We, ourselves, can instantly agree that for our children or our spouse we would probably do this without even any thought.  But would the same apply as far as the family down the street is concerned or the stranger from another country that we just met?  We probably won’t have the time to actually weigh that decision and the longer it takes the less chance they have that we will react favorably in time.  Jesus didn’t require time for His answer; He lived the way He believed, knowing the heart of the Father.

There are many different ways that we can offer our Father bits of payback.  Even though there were no requirements made at the beginning of our creation He has always held out hope that we would love one another as He has loved us.  Also when the occasion arises He hoped we would help His children to see in action the love that He provided for us all regardless of color or creed.  There is more need in our country today then there has ever been.  However, what we are mostly hearing today is how the people in foreign countries are doing their best to help one another while here where we live we continue to go about the things we have always done.  Many of us are simply refusing to recognize the need, but maybe we will tomorrow when we have more time.

Have you noticed that most of what we put off never happens?  It is just easier to forget as we go on solving each day’s many problems.  Also when people are suffering there is not always something we can do for them physically, but we can comfort them with prayer and with purpose.  While we are busy stalling God is still working because He has a master plan and He has given us the ability to both see and execute its solution.  He sent His only begotten Son to literally give us the answer in a way that is unmistakeable; we, you and me, are to be the examples that He created us for.  He laid down His very life in a way we simply cannot dismiss.  We are to be the example of His love for all His children.

Love lifted me, love lifted me,
When nothing else could help, love lifted me.