A Danny Song

I bet you never thought about a cat being able to sing.  Well, there are probably many things you have never thought about.  Danny’s thinking though is that we should spend more of our time singing; it is a gift that God gave us that we don’t use often enough.  Us foolish humans seem to lack or at least not use one of the finer elements of life.  Hmm!  Could he just be right?

Many and probably the best songs sung usually originate from an honest and joyful heart that desires to share its joy with those who are often too busy to slow down and participate; it’s almost like taking a pill to make one feel better if we can slow down long enough to search one out from the already overloaded pill cabinet.  How did we ever get so busy?  Life was originally meant to enjoy, was it not? 

The book of Psalms gets its' English name from the Greek "psalmos", denoting a poem sung to the accompaniment of musical instruments and Psalm 111:1 gives us a picture of how a song can and should be even in today’s world – I will praise the Lord withmy whole heart, in the assembly of the upright and in the congregation.  Songs were given to us as a means to express our joy, a joy to be found when life is as it was always supposed to be; a song sung that expresses our thankfulness that we have a Lord and Savior who has always cared that His people would be not only happy but thankful.

The trouble we have with some songs lately though is that their purpose has changed.  They may include a lot of facts about life, but they often follow the trend of today’s living which we all know doesn’t fit the picture of life that God intended.  We are looking for the wrong kind of energy and a picture of life that brings sin to the forefront of our minds.  And the sad part is that we don’t even see it.  If they have the right kind of tempo and cause us to move and shake it we feel that we are more alive.  Does that really do it for you or are you just momentarily able to function?  Many of us though will realize that they are just a temporary fix;  they get old and are usually trite, here today and gone tomorrow.  We think it is acceptable because it gives us a momentary high and that is what we need at the moment to accomplish the task before us.  But then life returns to its emptiness.

You are probably thinking that we could change, there are actually some good songs that the Lord just might like, but the point is can we live in two worlds at the same time.  I don’t think so; at any rate it wouldn’t last.  One way or another we need to remember that tomorrow will come and we will be called to examine our lives and submit the crumbs to our Lord and Savior.  What will He say?

The Psalmist said I will sing a new song to You, O God; on aharp of ten strings I will sing praises to You (144:9).  We may not have a harp, but there may be praises residing in our hearts.   

Danny just reminded me that this is his fourth devotional and did I think he might could become somewhat of a good writer.  I told him that I had no idea, but if he feels it in his heart he should simply go for it.  Isn’t that what we should do?  Hmm! now that I think about it I doubt if we ever consider the desires of our hearts before we act; we usually ask our heads if we can stay out of trouble if we try to be smart.  I wonder just why God thought a heart was necessary for the life He created, but then again wouldn’t life be just too tough without one.  Thank you, Danny, I think just maybe I will attempt to turn over a new leaf and sing through my days even if many will tell me I don’t know a thing about notes.

This is amazing grace, this is unfaded love,
That You would take my place, that You would bear my cross.
You laid down Your life that I would be set free,
Oh, Jesus, I sing  for all that You’ve done for me.