What's In A Name?

I just finished reading some of today’s computer news and I have to admit to wondering just why I spent my time on so much garbage.  If I can, in my own illiteracy, sigh and wonder how we, as a people, ever managed to get ourselves in such a place, what must our Creator be thinking and why does He continue to put up with our futile efforts to make Him less of the God He is?  What brought all this on?  Well, I happen to think that we all have certain rights and often what others think about what we have done or are doing shouldn’t always affect our actions.  It seems that a Baptist Church decided to take the word “Baptist” out of their name because it no longer meets their needs and actually might keep someone who needs a church away from their facility.  I hate to ask, but does that offend you; that a group of Christians felt they had to rename their house of worship in order to reach their neighbors with the Word of our Lord?  It seems to me that there is something mighty wrong with this scenerio.

My dictionary says that a church is a building for Christian worship.  While it is true that different denominations became a practice over time due to a few differences in interpretation, such things as whether a person was not really baptized if he was only sprinkled; I happen to believe that our Lord and Savior knows our hearts.  There are different interpretations in our Bibles today and hopefully they serve only to help with understanding as many societies live in different situations in different parts of our world.  We, all of us, were created by a God who loves all His children and hopes that our lives will reflect the love that He gave for us.  He gave His only begotten Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ, to cover the many errors of our ways, and to show all His children His love for each of us.

In reality, a church is a church, just as a hospital is a hospital.  Hopefully, as non-perfect people we, each and every church no matter its denomination, teaches that Jesus Christ was born to draw us and died to save us.  It was and still is our Creator’s desire to enjoy His creation with His people, those who love Him and each other.  While it is true that we have often drifted away from truth and made choices which are not pleasing to our Creator, as did Eve in the garden, Christ died to pay the price for us to be included in His eternity where we would all love Him and each other and enjoy a paradise beyond our imagination.

Why then did He even create this earth where we live?  It is our learning and proving ground, a place where we learn to make choices and accept their results; a place where we learn through experience that there is a better way; a place where we learn of a Love that is greater than anything we can ever hope to fully understand.  Yes, we live in different countries, we have different habits and eat different foods and speak different languages, but we have one big similarity that we, as humans, cannot negate – we were created and loved by a God who has revealed Himself in three ways in order to have the children He has always desired – as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Do we not owe Him something? 

Many of us have our own children that we love.  Don’t we want the very best for them and hopefully expect the same in return?  Don’t we want to live in a place that is beautiful, where we can enjoy the marvelous things to be found on this earth?  Don’t we want to live in peace and comfort, without the stress that comes with faulty things that always seem to need our attention and draw us away from what our Creator intended?  Of course, we do!  Then why don’t we just do it!

Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name,
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,

On earth as it is in Heaven.