A Word Rightly Spoken - A Song Rightly Sung

In the beginning our Father gave us speech in an effort to allow us to express our feelings and emotions in a way others might comprehend.  Unfortunately in today’s world we often find them used in negative ways.  I’m sure many of you have noticed that our parents and probably their parents have not always approved of the language we have adopted or the songs we have made popular.  As you have the broader spectrum to perceive I am sure you will completely understand just exactly what I mean.

As we have progressed in the many fields of life we have often ignored or forgotten the basics of what God created us for – a life spent to praise His name and honor His sacrifice.  You might be tempted to immediately deny the fact, but I am sure as you give it some thought you will realize that is actually what we have done.  How could we so completely have misunderstood?

Well, while it is true that our developed intelligence has allowed us to see things in a worldly view and our personal likes and dislikes have caused us to desire things often beyond our means, how and why have we as children of our Lord allowed these very changes in our lives?  I am sure that you are aware of the fact that evil is a very sneaky thing; the Devil has seen to it as he is not a dummy.  God has allowed him to be a formidable enemy in order that we might truly discover the actual value of righteousness.

That said, how can I as an individual, change the picture?  If you have ever attempted to do any painting you probably have come to realize that one has to be very careful to see that each color does not invade the area allowed for another.  You must paint within the lines.  Okay, just what am I saying and how do I apply this to my life if I so choose?  The answer is really not so complicated, particularly if you start with the original premise that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1).  He didn’t just sit down with a hunk of clay and roll it around in His hands, look at it and say “I will call this earth”.   No, He formulated in His mind both the beginning and the end and knowing all things He created a man, giving him the opportunity to grow and see for himself what could be accomplished if he would acknowledge his Creator and choose to be His instrument of life.

We, as faulty human beings, very rarely stop to think about what our responsibilities are, we are often just busy having fun.  I doubt we even spend much time in saying “thank you”.  Surely our parents taught us how very important those words were.  I am sure that I don’t need to tell you that no matter what our behavior or our words our parents are aways hopeful of hearing us say a simple “thank you”.  Do you think our Father God would desire those words even less?  Friends, I am not preaching to you, I am reminding myself how very blessed my life has been and how very thankful I am to have a Father who loves me so much that He allowed His Son to suffer and die in a horrible way to save my soul and allow me the privilege of spending eternity with Him in His home.

I pray that you all understand that a lot of what I do is preaching to myself for I am just another selfish human being, praying that my Lord will find the end result of my life better because of the love I have for Him.  I hope Harriett Buell will forgive me for using an edited version of her original verse.

A word or a song, why should I care?
They’re putting them together in my home over there.