A Grain of Sand

You may be like me, not a real beach lover, but when the Lord puts something in my head I have to assume it is important to someone.  When you think of sand you quite normally think of a beach and sometimes if you have an inquiring mind you may wonder how many grains of sand are actually in the stuff you are wiggling your toes in.  We frequently have numbers in our mind and we might wonder exactly how many people are sitting in church on Sunday morning as compared to how many are not.  I’m afraid that would be more of a shock than we realize.  Are numbers important?  I guess they could be.  I wonder why God created so many people with so many differences.

Could it be that there is one piece needed in your life for some reason, but in order to claim it you have to search for it; like you might search for a particular piece of a jigsaw puzzle which would then fit perfectly.  It might make you wonder just what particular job the Lord created you to do and why.  Are you just to be another piece of sand, not distinguishable from any other?  I don’t think so.  I believe we will never understand the complexities involved in placing just the right person in the right place for the right time.  Only the One who created us in the first place could do something so mind-boggling.

And yet, you will have to admit, that you may have wondered just why the Lord created you and what his job for you actually is and even if you are doing what He designed you for.  God does not make mistakes so there must be a specific reason.  Just maybe we should sit down and think about this for a minute.

Am I special, Lord?  Am I really needed for something that may not get done if I don’t listen to what you are saying?  This is the problem many of us have because we don’t turn to the right station; we don’t open our Bibles and spend the time to listen and hear from our Creator.  I know this to be true and I often fuss at myself.  And then I have to ask for forgiveness and one more chance.  What’s the expression we often hear – something about slowing down to smell the roses.

We were not given the Word to sit on a shelf; we were given it for a specific purpose, just as it takes many grains of sand to make a beach so it takes many followers to truly make the impact on the world that is needed amidst today’s confusion.

The biggest difference between us and the grains of sand is that we are more complicated in design so we can’t be created and thrown into one pot.  We were all created differently in both looks, needs, intelligence and health and given a specific job to do and a time in which we would no longer be able to contribute to the Master plan.  There will be a time to give and a time to receive orchestrated into the workings of millions of other parts.  If you  have ever tried to put something together with multiple parts you will get only a beginning taste of what our Creator had to consider to come up with the perfect picture He envisioned.  He knew and knows who will love Him and choose to follow the life He designed and who will not.  

Which group do you belong in – the one waiting for the day when you aren’t too tired to accomplish your purpose or the one composed of the real movers and shakers of this world God created?

How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!  How great is the sum of them!
If I should count them, they would be more in number than the sand; when I awake, 
I am still with You -
Psalm 139:17-18