Softly and Tenderly

In this day of loud noises have we so tuned out things that we fail to value things as we should?  It is true that animal lovers will speak to a new family addition in a soft voice as they began to be introduced to the way things are done around here, but you also may note that the volume rises when a child is misbehaving or an adult doesn’t respond as expected.  Apparently the volume must be raised for us to value the words that are spoken or sung.  At the same time we also find people wearing hearing aids because they don’t want to miss anything, but you will note that a hearing aid can be turned down if we don’t want to be bothered.  Is there a happy medium?  Have we been hearing what we really should be hearing?

I know that when dealing with children we often suppose that we will not miss anything that is important.  Sometimes though our smart children realize that we are not listening and will choose to demand our attention.  In a group of adults we often figure that someone else will take care of  whatever the problem is and we won’t have to deal with it so our time is spent making our own agendas.  Have we gotten lazy or are we just tired from a day that was overflowing with interruptions?

In the time of Jesus we never hear of him yelling so that people would hear him.  The scriptures when they mention it always speak of a quiet, tender voice.  Is that simply because people wanted to hear what He had to say while today no one is interested in another’s opinion?  I know the times are different, but…?  Do we need to change our attitude; do we need to hear something that possibly could affect our eternal life?

When the remnant of Isaiah’s day were praying for deliverance the Lord’s response to them was - I will number you for the sword…because, when I called, you did not answer (Isaiah 65:12).  Our situation is much the same today.  We need help, but we have first of all turned to our own pride.  We are a strong willed country with many new weapons still trying to struggle through evil with what we think we know.  The Lord’s response in that day was, I am sure, the same as it would be to us today - Hearing you will hear and shall not understand…for the hearts of this people have grown dull (Matthew 13: 14-15).

In our world today, we find our churches suffering through lack of attendance.  Is that because we already think we know it all or because we are just too busy and constantly worn out?  We will think about changing our habits tomorrow and yet will tomorrow be in time.  In the concluding book of our Bibles John was told to write about things past, things present and things to come.  As we consider these things we can see how as a world we have mismanaged things.  Otherwise we would not be living in a time when there is so much fear and mistrust of tomorrow.  But is it really too late?

John would repeat to us today what our God told  him - He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches (Revelation 2:7) and He who is of God hears God’s words (John 8:47).  Maybe we should get more serious about what we hear and then what we choose to do.

Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling, calling for you and for me,
See on the portals He’s waiting and watching, watching for you and for me.
Come home, come home, you who are weary come home.
Earnestly, tenderly Jesus is calling, calling Oh sinner come home.