More Than I Can Ever Be

There are days when the sun shines and days when the clouds seem to blanket the sky and you wonder what is going to happen next.  There are days when your tomorrows are so full you wonder how you will be able to stand up to it all and times when you go back to yesterday remembering the joy you had when….  Life is such a complex thing to ever figure out; we endure the hard times and sing with joy over the good ones.  Why does it have to be such a mixture?

You know the answer to that without much thinking.  Our Creator wanted us to know what it was to suffer in order that we could fully appreciate the glorious days of our lives.  Life was never intended to be just a bed of roses.  If it were I doubt that we would fully appreciate what we have been given.  There are comparisons in all of life that we might become thoughtful and driven people, always moving higher and higher toward the finish line that God established.  He didn’t create us to exist, but to live.  What does it mean to you to live?  I believe this is where we have lost our intended  understanding of life and most of the time it is because we have lost sight of our Creator.  Have we abused and misused the talents and gifts we were given that were supposed to give us a joy beyond understanding?  Have we forgotten that someone desires to see His creation fulfill the dream He had for creating it?

You do remember the story of Eve being tempted with the apple, don’t you?  Even though the devil didn’t win that battle it doesn’t mean that he has quit trying to get the best of his favorite enemy.  Mankind, all by himself, has often chosen to test these things out just to see what he might be missing. Why do you think we might be missing anything?  The real question is can and will you get the true picture while you live on this earth; will you give yourself the opportunity to test out whether you can be more than you think you can? 

I can hear you saying “Why should I try; God loves me like I am”.  There are probably many people in our fallen world that choose to take the simple path, but I don’t believe that makes our Creator very happy anymore than our teachers who often watch us settle for a decent grade rather than trying for the best grade.  I don’t believe we were created just to be acceptable.  While He didn’t give us detailed assignments I believe He hoped we would see the right direction in whatever we would undertake.  Doesn’t it give you a “high” when you succeed in doing something you weren’t at all sure you could do?  It does me; I never dreamed writing could be such fun as well as a learning tool. 

There will be many hurdles as we go through this life.  Some we can ignore, but some will give us an opportunity to shine, in our own eyes as well as others.  Surely you can remember how it feels when you do something really good and someone else notices and appreciates it.  You might have even thought – life can’t be any better than this.  We have let mere existence take over more of our lives than absolutely necessary.  Why don’t we give it a try and see if we can add some icing to the cake of our lives.

When I am down, and, oh my soul so weary,
When troubles come and my heart burdened be –
Then, I am still, and wait here in the silence
Until You come and sit awhile with me.

You raise me up to more than I can be!