The Day

Increasingly in these days in which we live we may find ourselves asking, while not really expecting an answer – Is this the day?  Are we actually living in a time when we will see all things come to an end and what will that end be like?  Many will assume they will end up where they want as they take the stand that they are really not bad people.  Others may be absolutely sure where they will be and find that God has a different opinion than they do.  Are our egos so big that most of us really don’t concern ourselves because we feel certain that we will meet all of the requirements? 

Jonathan Cahn makes a statement in his newest book “The Paradigm” that should make us stop and do some serious thinking.  He said “In the days of increasing apostasy those who compromise with evil will fall.  But the one who will most commit to living undivided, uncompromised, and whole-heartedly for God will also be the one most powerfully used by God for His purposes”.  Are we ready and willing to be used by God?  Our nation in particular has always felt as if we have done more than our share, why shouldn’t someone else take care of this problem.  Even as we think that though we know that most of the world’s someone else's have not the experience, the know how, or the funds and opportunity.  We may not like to always be picked, but you will have to admit that God uses those He has equipped and those of us who are so fortunate can testify that we wouldn’t change places with anyone even if we could.

So how do we approach times that may shortly be coming to an end – with excitement and joy or with fear and trembling?  Can we, of ourselves, determine our outcome?  That’s a good question and one we all should contemplate.  God’s Word tells us to Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28).  That doesn’t mean that we are going to enjoy vegetating, living passion-less lives because we deserve it.  It means that the One who created us will give us a peace unlike anything we can imagine in this stressful world.  It means, though, that He expects us to take on His yoke, one of being gentle and lowly in heart.  Do you think it might be advisable to practice now while we still live on this earth in training.  Training?  Yes, God didn’t simply create us to enjoy life; He created us to live life according to His training manual.

What?  You didn‘t know He had a training manual.  You thought it was just another book to read when we had time and wanted to be reminded that someone did love us.  No, it was written to show us how much He loved us and to prepare us to love one another as He loves.  While it is true that we are basically an emotional people do we really know what is meant by love and how it is to be utilized in human life.  It would appear not as we look at the stress and strain of everyday life.  What we have managed so far is how to destroy those we consider as enemies and then to go forward living life as we choose. 

It is true that in today’s world any job or position you undertake usually has a boss, one who lays down the rules and regulations you are to follow and if you don’t you get fired.  Our Creator has gone the step further: He has expectations, but His grace allows us a second chance.  Unfortunately there are still many who will never learn, but for those of us who desire to spend eternity with Him in a beautiful place there has always been that promise.

Let us be thankful, look forward to the day and serve Him while we can.

Now thank we all our God, with heart and hands and voices,
Who wondrous things hath done, in whom His world rejoices.