Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger – I am also wondering why I got out of bed on this rainy morning to write down a title that makes no sense.  Good morning, Lord, I am listening – what is it You are trying to tell me?  My Jeremiah just happens to be a stuffed bullfrog and surely You don’t want me to admit that I have such a weakness as to still be sleeping with a stuffed animal.  What – You really do have something to say!  Okay, I am listening. 

Jeremiah was a young priest when he began to prophesy, but he was wholly committed to God and he warned the people that unless they repented of their sins their city would be destroyed.  Is this what You are trying to tell me – that unless America chooses to repent of our sin that we will one day be destroyed?  You would have to admit that our times are increasingly subject to either destruction or salvation.  I wonder what we will choose and will we be willing to accept the price.

Jeremiah was a remarkable man…in tears most of the time.  God chose this man…to deliver a harsh message of judgment which broke his own heart (J. Vernon McGee).  I can imagine how hard it would be in our time to either find such a man or believe him if found.  We, as humans, have a way of thinking we, ourselves, can turn the tide if we would just put our hand to the plow.  I have news for you…we cannot.

So, just what is the answer?  You may have noticed that while churches still meet on Sunday it has become more of a habit than a desire of the heart.  Could it be that it is time to reconsider our habit and to begin to pray for a resurgence of the passion which the early Christians felt and honored?  Our God has always been faithful and you must know that He has not given up on His children.  Many of us are aware of how busy our days have become and how we sometimes long for the peace and strength we once had.  What could it possibly take to return to the days when our Lord would smile on His children?  You know the answer as well as I.  He desires for a resurgence of the love we once had and honored.  It is not yet too late!

Jesus once told the people – Come unto me all ye who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For My yoke is easy and My burden is light (Matthew 11:28-30).  It sound so easy; why do we make it so hard?  I sometimes think it goes back to our beginning when we became too confident that we could do it ourselves.  Shame on us!

While it is true that time has granted us much in the way of education we are beginning to learn that this is not the answer.  We have progressed in this world to more than just guns; we now have the knowledge that makes total obliteration a very real possibility.  Just how far are we willing to go?  And if it is a matter of desire, what is wrong with trying the way our Creator first planned for the children that He loved.  It may not be as dramatic, but it is more effective.  Surely growth should come with reality – we were planned to become God’s children.  What does that mean?  It is the same thing we still consider as our own children begin life – that we would become fruitful and multiply with the knowledge and desire of our Creator – to bless and become a blessing.  Maybe it is time for us to reconsider the desire of our hearts rather than the faulty desires of our minds.

Lead on, O King Eternal, till sin’s fierce war shall cease,
And Holiness shall whisper the sweet Amen of peace;
For not with swords loud clashing, nor roll of stirring drums,
But deeds of love and mercy, the heavenly Kingdom comes.