Turn Your Eyes On Jesus

Here we are facing the festivities of fall and winter, thinking about the turkey and the beginning of Christmas and the shopping we have to do and the family we will get to see as we gather once again together. I wonder if the ordinary activities of the season have caused us to neglect the meaning of the season. Yes the turkey is delicious and the ornaments and gifts exciting, but what is the real focus of the season. Has it become a backdrop rather than a primary focus?

Thanksgiving is a time to turn our thoughts to the goodness of our Lord and what He has done for us over and over again and Christmas a time to remember His greatest gift – the Savior who gave His very life to give us eternal life in a glorious setting. Have we let the turkey and the tree cloud the real issue – a time to remember what life is all about and why we are here today and what we should be doing with His glory on our faces that transfigures a downtrodden world? Shame on us if we have!

The Word of God tells us In the beginning and goes on to describe the rise and fall of humanity through the years until He sent another reminder of His purpose – a Son to save us from our own shabby ways. And still, we have not learned! What is wrong with us and what can we now do to overcome the failings that have progressed as the years have passed. In truth there is only one answer – we must refocus on the reason for our existence. We were created to be a source of the greatest light we can imagine – a time to turn our thoughts to the God who loves us and longs for our presence in a world where there is no sin.

So where do we go from here? Maybe we should start with reading our Bibles more and then asking and listening to what our Lord has to say specifically to us. We were each created with a specific job to do. Do we know what it is and if so how to go about it? We may not have been created to be a missionary in a foreign country, but we do exist in a specific spot in an oppressed world with many holes and a need for filling. Yes, it is true, that we may feel our efforts, small as they are, can be of little use with a big problem. However, if you are a reader, you will realize that many small starts have become great achievements. Also, you, yes you, were created with a specific job to accomplish. Do you know what it is? And surely you won’t tell the Lord you are too busy; you will try to work it in tomorrow?

There are not many in this world who understand all they should, but you should remember that there were only twelve disciples in our early existence and although they suffered mightily they accomplished much. Can you imagine where we might be if not for them? The same is true in today’s world. A little salt can make all the difference in what we eat; a little truth can also make a much-needed difference in how we act. None of the disciples realized what their efforts could accomplish in a world that didn't know God but look at where we are today. Yes, you’re right, it has not done as much as it could, but it has certainly made a difference in many lives. Just one life can often make a huge difference. You have probably read about many in our history books. Can you be one of those that matters to even one soul?

One day someone may read in a history book about an individual who made a difference in another person's life. You may not be that one, but then who knows; YOU could be one.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus;
Look full in His wonderful face,
And the things of earth will go strangely dim
In the light of His glory and grace.