Living In Purpose or Spinning Our Wheels?

We, as individuals, are so busy these days with all the many things of life that I wonder if we even have the time to notice the things that are happening all around us.  I know, for myself, I have a tendency to avoid the things that are upsetting.  Since individually we can do very little it is easier to let someone with more experience deal with the heavier items.  I realize that my effort is essential in the final analysis, but for now, maybe someone else will accomplish what I can’t.  I am aware of the fact that my Lord has given me a job to do, but if I take a break will it really matter?

You’re right!  Individually we cannot take credit for someone else’s efforts on our behalf.  Our Creator has given each of us a talent and a job to do.  We were not put here on this earth merely to exist.  And yet I often wonder just what it is that I can or should be doing.  You are probably not any different, but just where should we start in this world which is such a mess?  I do realize that our Creator fashioned each of us for a specific purpose, but I am not sure that I haven’t misread my instructions.  Maybe if we just start He will direct our steps in His choice of direction for He created each of us for a specific purpose.

I know most of us have questions about the direction our world seems to be taking and about what we can or should be doing.  And yet our responses often seem to be that we will listen when we just finish this one more task on our list.  We don’t consider what may happen if our part is not filled. Even though we realize, as grateful children, there was a specific reason we were created, surely it can be put off until tomorrow.  Will our little part make that much difference?  I hesitate to say we are a sorry bunch, but the thought does cross my mind with the question of whether we are doing what we were created for or just spinning our wheels. 

An old hymn crosses my mind from my younger days as I ponder –

He leadeth me, O blessed thought!
O words with heavenly comfort fraught!
Whate’er I do, where’er I be,
Still ‘tis God’s hand that leadeth me.

O gracious Lord, in the hustle and bustle of this day, turn my thoughts back to the things that bless You and the tasks you created especially for me.  I realize that in this complicated world that it often takes many hands to create the acceptable result that You desire.  The best solution often comes from the efforts of many hands.  Help me, sweet Lord, to realize that the value of working together was always Your plan for your children; that we love each other and work together to accomplish the jobs there are to be done.

I know that we often avoid things because we, individually, already have more than we can possibly accomplish and yet it still comes back to me that we were created to be a large and loving family and as such I should be more concerned with my part than what someone else’s part is.  I do pray for peace between all of us, but I also know we do little to prepare or accept each other as part of one big family.  Forgive me, Lord, especially at this time of year when we gather together to celebrate the birth of a Savior, who always knew the cost He would have to pay and how hard it would be for us to accept His gift and follow His lead.

Good Christian men rejoice
With heart and soul and voice!