The Wondrous Cross

I don’t know if you are familiar with many of yesterday’s songs, but they were a part of my youthful years.  I sung them and loved them, but I don’t know if I ever truly understood them in their proper perspective.  How many of us understand suffering and shame.  Either one of those by themselves would be something we never hope to participate in and yet we probably need to spend time thinking about what Jesus Christ went through because He simply loved God’s children and wanted more than anything else to please His Father.  We can talk about and participate in the causes and results of a love that to us is outstanding, but I doubt we can ever truly understand the depths attached to God’s love.  However, we can honor it and that is something we all should not only consider but do.

In this busy world in which we live we rarely have time for anything that we consider extra, but maybe it is time to change not only the way we think but the way we live.  We often talk these days about how the world is going to blow itself to smithereens, but we also believe it won’t be in our lifetime.  Maybe as we look at today’s world we should rethink that.  Whether we can see it or believe it things are becoming more evil than we can imagine.  You might also want to accept the fact that there will be no winner other than our Creator and only He knows precisely what we will endure and how we will end up.  I can already hear myself thinking “not now, Lord, not yet”.  I still have things to do.

Normally we would think problems are or would be solved when they first occur.  That is the profitable solution, to fix something before it does great damage.  However, in today’s world if you think about it we are accustomed to taking chances.  If something happens we can always fix it tomorrow.  I wonder when our attitude became so relaxed.  When and if we do a lot of reading we know that the pioneers of our country made plans, focused on tomorrow rather than an individual day.  They were looking long range for a land with a future.  What has happened to change our thinking?  Well, if you think about it we have pretty much reached the pinnacle of advancement; we have most everything we desire and if we don’t it can be purchased somewhere usually close by.  Really?  Just how happy are you with your plans and how have they turned out?  Do you find yourselves restless because somewhere deep inside yourself you know that something is missing?

We can read our newspapers and listen to our radios and most of you will admit to getting tired of reading or listening to this junk.  Why can’t life be the way we want it to be?  Most of us do have our own expectations about how we think things should be run.  We do know that many times we will miss the mark, but we tried, didn’t we?  Unfortunately that is a question we are not always able to answer.  Maybe we might aught to try a little harder.  It would really be nice if the Lord who created us would simply give us a master plan for our lives; then we would, at least, know what is expected of us and maybe how to accomplish it.                                                           

In the third book of the Bible we are told you should love your neighbor as yourself  (Leviticus 19:18).  This gets repeated many times in God’s Word so it must be important.  It is found both in Matthew (5:43) and in Romans (13:9) and Luke even goes so far as to describe who your neighbor is (10:29).  Do you think we might ever be able to understand?  If we had then maybe Jesus wouldn’t have had to give up His life for us to finally get the picture.  Can we try to do better today and then tomorrow?

When I survey the wondrous cross on which the Prince of glory died,
My richest gain I count but loss and pour contempt on all my pride.