Now I See

Do you?  We are living in days when most of us are too busy to look around and see the many sad things that are happening to our Lord’s children.  As long as they don’t arrive at our door we can live with them.  Should we?  Are there consequences we won’t like as we live from day to day ignoring the lost and lonely, the sick and those in despair?  If we have trouble seeing most of us will visit our friendly optometrist and get a new pair of glasses, but what about the things that are not seen with our eyes but with our hearts; the things our Lord would rather that we, as followers of Him, make an effort to fix?

We never ask ourselves, but if we occasionally do, we might want to also remember the experience that Saul had in Damascus.  The Lord may not work the same today as He did yesterday, but the lessons have been written down for our world to know and understand.  The Lord asked Saul, (who was simply asking for cooperation to arrest those who were followers of the Way) – Saul! Saul! Why are you persecuting me? (Acts 9:3).  If you were about your business today and the Lord chose to speak to you, are you prepared to give Him an answer?  I have to admit it is a good question, but the problem is can or will I change my habits and really see with my heart.  Lord, please help me not only to see and be ashamed, but to honestly try to fix what I can.

I know that so many of us are saddened by the world’s way and those of us who can might try to do their share by opening their pocket books, but that really doesn’t get us off the hot seat.  It does not have the possibility of reaching these same people with the Word and encouragement that will allow them to change their lives and hence their needs.  Yes, it might take some time we really don’t have, but the rewards will be greater than we can imagine as the Lord will one day smile as He opens the door to His home and welcomes us in.

In today’s world we are proud of our children when they come home with good grades, but they are never shown the opportunities of what and how important the grades our Lord gives us are.  Most often it will be the same as at school, they never really learn until they are actually shown and see for themselves how things work.  You want them to be blessed in all ways, don’t you?  That is no different than what our Lord wants from His children today, not tomorrow, but today.

The Lord’s prayer is familiar to most of us, but do we place the right emphasis on His Words?  We might think as we ask for our daily bread that it is just to satisfy our physical needs, but is it?  Could it be that there is someone, even close by, who might need to be fed by our daily bread?  I know you would give them physical bread if you stopped long enough to see the need, but would you then believe that you had given them what they really need – the bread of life?  I know this is hard to make a habit of when we are so very busy, but the Lord is speaking to me as well as to those of you who are reading.  Can I, will I begin to see the world around me as it really is – about to fall apart, about to be the end of God’s patience?  Can I really make a difference or will it really matter?

Father, I know you love me and I so very much want to please you and be the child you created me to be.  Please help me to slow down, at least enough to see how those around me might be suffering or in need of a friendly smile and a loving word.  You have been so very good to me and I know that I couldn’t live without You.  Maybe it is the same for many that I so casually pass by.  I know I can still grow and change if I want to and I really do. 

Open my eyes that I may see glimpses of truth Thou hast for me;
Place in my hands the wonderful key that shall unclasp and set me free.