Unction To Function!

Isn’t it interesting how things drift into our minds, sometimes in an instant.  I borrowed this title from my pastor who borrowed it from someone else, but I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me in that minute revealing His hope that we could all feel His need to communicate His heart’s desire to our hearts.  We are currently living in a world and in a time when it is more important than ever before to hear the voice of God telling us exactly what He wants us to do in the remaining time allotted for this earth on which we live.  We are always excited about planning for a special vacation that we have waited a long time for.  Just maybe it is past time when we should all get more serious and excited about planning for our trip to our eternal home.

While it is true that is mind boggling, it is also true that if we want to avoid the normal trip problems we should begin to consider what we need to know and who we want to take with us because we don’t actually know when this trip will be scheduled.  We all have people that we know and love that we want to be sure go with us, but what about all the good and/or needy people that we do not know.  If we could know them we might want to add them to our list, but there obviously are more that we cannot know that are just as deserving as we consider ourselves to be.  What about them?  Do they know there is a God who loves them also?

We who attend a church, whether it is regularly or only once in awhile, have been made aware of the fact that there are many who have never even heard of our Lord and many who have heard but don’t really know Him.  Do we actually have a responsibility for their salvation?  The Word of God tells us that is the most important job we will ever have.  A verse heard by many, but often ignored comes from the book of Mark – Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.  He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned  (16:15-16).  We hear it, we read it, but very few actually put much importance to its message.  I wonder why since it is very plain; do we not believe we will be turned away because we did not take what God said seriously enough?  We are so busy taking care of our families and earning the living to do so.  Why do we think that is enough?  A “D” in class was never good enough to suit our parents; so why do we think our Lord will give us a pat on the back and forgive our choice of being busy?

We were created to be loved by our Lord, to enjoy His creation and to help those who didn’t know Him to know and love Him also.  While it is true that we have groups of volunteers and many who travel to foreign lands that are more backward than we consider ourselves to be, that doesn’t relieve us of the need to be sure our backyard neighbor knows and loves our Lord also.  What was that you just said “you will work on it tomorrow”?  It seems to me I remember Paul saying If the dead do not rise, “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die! (1st Corinthians 15:32).  Hmm!

Before you shake your head and ask yourself what I am doing, I will tell you that I am also guilty of leaving this job to someone else, someone who has more time and knowledge.  It is no excuse to say I am writing this devotional so you can do something if I am not doing the same.  Okay, guys, I will strive with you to change my ways because I honestly do want to be the blessing that our Creator made us all to be.  I am going to strive to talk less and hear better so that it will be obvious to me when He puts the opportunity before me.  You will have to admit if you are at all “smart” that our time on this planet Earth is becoming shorter by the moment, but we still have time to do the things that are the most important.  Let’s just do it!

Open my ears that I may hear voices of truth Thou sendest clear;
And while the wave notes fall on my ear, everything false will disappear.