The Will of God

Down through the ages there has been only one thing that has truly remained the same, never being affected by the trials and tribulations of mankind and that has been God’s will for His children.  Society has evolved in many other areas of life.  There have been changes that are serious and those that seem never to have a lasting effect, but the one constant, the one thing you can really count on has been the will of our living Lord.  God created this world and mankind to live in it knowing that He would one day bring perfection to it, yet giving his created beings the gift of allowing them to see what they could do on their own before reminding them that He has always been in charge.

Has that been a good thing?  As we go back and study the many ways in which life has changed and the many battles that have been fought there is only one thing that has remained constant – HIS WILL IS THE ONLY THING THAT WILL STAND.  Is that a good thing, are we better because of His wisdom and love for His created beings?  I, for one, believe so.  As one studies and relives events of the past, hoping for a better future we find many times when man has succumbed to the evil desires of God’s arch enemy, the Devil.  However, one thing has always remained constant and clear – the Devil will never ultimately win the battle.  Mankind, in his failings, is and always has been much loved by his Creator, who in His vast love for His children also created a path for us to find, a path which would lead back to the way He desired for things to be.  After all the time that has passed it is still there waiting patiently for us to discover.

As human beings we have often learned what our eternal foe can accomplish in his freedom and often we have succumbed to the things that seemed to lead us down a more interesting and profitable path.  Did anyone leave a pile of bread crumbs so we could find our way back?  It is a given that we will find the devil’s path is not one we really want for ourselves or our children?

The early followers of our Lord learned, some the hard way.  Noah battled a world with only one boat and way too much water.  Jonah is the only man who has ever seen, first hand, the belly of a whale.  Moses found his way to life floating down a river.  Lazarus walked out of a tomb after four days that others might believe in the power of Jesus over life and death.  One fish and one loaf managed to feed many.  The sinner nailed to a cross was shown the way to heaven.  On and on we can find stories of God’s mercies and power.  Even today we celebrate the life of Billy Graham, a man God honored even unto death.  If it is proof we desire we can find it.  Why then is it we continue to believe we have a better plan? 

We will find that often there are times in life when we would simply like to have a do-over.  We may not have an iron clad solution or we may not really want to try, but God says it is time to straighten out some things.  Many of us would like to respond with any logical excuse we can come up with, but the question will continue to play in our minds.  Is it really necessary, Lord?  It has been such a long time and it may not even be possible even if I wish it were.  Also, if the truth were honestly faced I am not really sure I want any of my life today to change.  Can you just speak a little louder so I can plainly hear?

Have you ever been through such a time?  Were you lucky enough to actually hear the Lord tell you what to do?  What did you do?

O the pure delight of a single hour that before Thy throne I spend;
When I kneel in pray’r, and with thee, my God,
I commune as friend with friend.