Blessed Assurance!

In our small world we have come to the point of assuming that tomorrow is adequate for all the things we can put off.  However God’s Word tells us Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things.  Sufficient for the day is its own troubles (Matthew 6:34).

We just might find our lives could and would become more simple and that is not a bad thing.  With the spread of knowledge and evil our days often become too involved with wondering if we even have tomorrow and spending time trying to figure out how we are going to plan each day.  You would have to admit that it takes the time when we should be thinking about what God has planned for our day.  I am going to try to change my ways and see for myself what my Creator has to say.

It is true that we are beginning to see things happen in this world that have been predicted in the past, but we neither have the power to accurately see tomorrow or change God’s plan for it.  Maybe the best suggestion is to simply begin each day asking our Father what His plans for us are for today.  It would also ease stress as we sometimes spend too much time pondering just what we should do.  As we were growing up we would have our parents tell us what to do, but as grownups we are not relieved from having the responsibility of listening to a higher authority.  You will  have to admit that it would be a lot easier just to let the stress roll off our shoulders and we would most likely stay out of some of the trouble we cause ourselves.

If you are thinking at this point that it is your life and therefore should be your decision remind yourself that our Lord has already paid the price for your life which should give Him all the rights He needs to arrange your days.  The truth of the matter is also that our days will be easier and more enjoyable because He loves us dearly.  You may have already experienced this for yourself and I hope you have.  God didn’t create us to be satisfied servants; He created us to be happy, carefree children with the best life has to offer.

If and as you do so, you will find throughout the Bible that lives were always changed for the better from knowing and obeying the Father and the Son.  Yes, there were some bad things going on from the sacrificing of many babies to prevent the life of Jesus to dying in the arena and being eaten by the lions, but you will also know that many died with smiles on their faces because they already knew their Savior and desired to spend eternity with Him.  It is something that is hard for us to comprehend because time has passed and life today is so different, but the truth is still the truth.

Eternity is still hard to comprehend and we still wonder exactly how things will be and what we will be doing, but we can be sure of one major thing – we will joyfully spend eternity with our Creator, the one who loved us enough to die for us, in a place so beautiful we can hardly imagine with things we have never seen or known.  If that doesn’t excite you it should.  However, we still have to have a ticket and that ticket is purchased not with today’s money, but with the fulfilling of God’s plan for each of our lives.  Yes, it may not be what you thought, but if you give it to Him it will be more beautiful than anything you can currently imagine.

We can’t and won’t get a sample, we have to take it on faith.  I am going to give it my best shot and I hope to see you there one day.

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!
Oh what a foretaste of glory divine.
Heir of salvation, purchase of God,
Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood.