Hark, The Voice of Jesus Calling!

What is the hardest thing you can think of that might change your plans for the day?  I am just like  you so I already know what your answer will be – for someone else to tell you what you must choose to do especially when you have already made your own plans.  There is always tomorrow when you can please someone else so that should leave us free to fill our day with our own desires, shouldn’t it?  You also know, as do I, that you did not create your own life and consequently there is one to whom you owe everything.  Debts surely must be paid, at least that is what we have been told.  So what shall we do?

You might wish you could play dumb, but we both know we can’t.  So okay, Lord, just what is it you want me to do?  While true that it is often hard to do it is also the best thing you will ever do.  In this life we live we may have had the experience of doing something we really didn’t want to do, but it was likely that it also gave you the most fulfilling result you had ever known.  If you are a believer of history giving you the best example you will already realize that the disciples of our Lord were more than richly blessed by their obedience.  Is it possible for us to have a similar blessing from simply doing something He has created us for?

Our Father knew that as human beings we would be weak so that is why He lovingly provided His Son for our example.  It has been many years ago and if you are a reader of history you already know that we have made little progress over time.  Have we lost reason, become lazy, or just don’t understand that our entire future rests on the decisions we make each and every day?  I would like to believe that as our years pass we have grown wiser instead of simply more lazy and willing to put off until tomorrow.  You may have already realized that sometimes what is put off simply disappears never to be remembered.

Okay, Lord, I am ready and listening. You are telling me the same thing you told the people years and years ago and reminding me that some things never change.  We can find Your words of wisdom in the Sermon on the Mount in the 5th book of Matthew and again as we struggle today to find peace and joy in our lives you reminded us in the book of Luke – And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise (6:31).  I guess some things never change, but it does seem in today’s world that we think change is our only answer.   Can we back up and start over?  I know that is not possible, but maybe we can backtrack our thinking and attempt to live again as You once taught us how.  After all, even though we sometimes choose to forget – This is my Father’s world, O let me ne’er forget, that though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the Ruler yet.  This is my Father’s world, the battle is not done, Jesus who died shall be satisfied, and earth and heaven be one.

I know we all, in our hearts, want the best of what life has to offer, but life is not a free gift.  It is like a field waiting to be planted, hoping to grow life’s very best while knowing we are a part of its success.  God, our Father, had a beautiful plan and made us for this purpose and I pray there is still time to accomplish the task He gave us in love.  Can we do it?  I pray it is so! 

Let none hear you idly saying,“ There is nothing I can do,”
While the souls of men are dying, and the Master calls for you:
Take the task He gives you gladly, let His work your pleasure be;
Answer quickly when He calleth, “Here am I; send me, send me.”