Call, Don't Fall

I don’t know if many of you actually realize that our Lord has a sense of humor, but He does.  He showed me in an unorthodox manner.  As I was lying in bed in a local hospital and staring at the ceiling He had me seriously consider what was written there – the title you see above.  Of course, it made sense as the nurses didn’t want you to fall trying to get out of bed and do more damage.  You might be thinking that was logical, but what does it have to do with day to day living?  Logical thinking does remind us that mankind frequently goes his merry way without considering the possibility of the consequences.  But there are often times when a lack of foresight turns things in a way we neither desire or need.  Can we avoid those times?  Apparently our Creator and Friend thinks we can if we would just ask His opinion before we act.  I wonder why we don’t consider His wanting to have a speaking part in the life He created. 

While it is true that we, from the time we were born, think we are quite competent to make our own decisions it is often just not so.  Plus we should realize that our Lord didn’t just make a bunch of people to wander around doing nothing of value.  We were created for a purpose and with a goal.  If you are one of those who are fortunate enough to know Him and desire to please Him you will have recognized that fact and be aware of what time and talent He has given you.  It is nice to recognize that we actually have a purpose in this earthly life.

Of course, the biggest problem is can we be sure we are not just dreaming up a good scenario that will make us feel good about ourselves.  Some problems, maybe most, are often things we would really like to avoid.  They could be things we don’t have a desire to do or think are too hard to accomplish.  No one chooses to do things in areas of uncertainty because we have an image we hope to create and maintain.  We want to look great to those we know and love.

Our Lord knows, however, that looking good is not nearly as rewarding as feeling good about ourselves because we believe we are living up to what we were created for.  It is true, you know, that we were created for a specific purpose.  I have no idea how many realize this and function in it, but I know that I want to be and do what our Lord created me for.  If you feel the same then let us both pray for good hearing so that we will be able to discern His will and strength to function in what He has called us to do.  There can be no greater reward than to one day hear His voice telling us well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things.  Enter into the joy of your lord  (Matthew 25:23).

I know that many of us will never hear an audible voice speaking to us or have the opportunity to believe we have just accomplished a task provided just for us in our lifetime, but fortunately we do have a way in which to discern our Creator’s desires for our lives.  We can find all the answers and suggestions for life in God’s Word; it was written down for us by those who walked and talked with Jesus here on this earth we call home.  While it is true that we will not receive a grade as those things are lived out there will come a time when we will be told explicitly how we followed the path we were created for.  I am sure you will be as grateful and happy as I to hear the words Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things.  Enter into the joy of your lord  (Matthew 25:21).

In hope that sends a shining ray
Far down the future’s broadening way;
In peace that only Thou canst give,
With Thee, O Master, let me live.