Do You Know What Time It Is?

Gotcha!  If you are most people you just looked at your watch.  However, as you should have known, since you were reading devotionals, that is not what I meant.  I don’t know about you, but if you are like most of us and have recently been reading or listening to the news you might be wondering just how much longer we are going to be here (in the world as we know it).  While it is true that the small patch of land you are currently occupying is still, for the most part, safe and sound, it might not be tomorrow.  So! What can you do about that or maybe I should be saying what should you be doing about that?

While it is true that we have no control over tomorrow’s happenings there is one thing that we still have control over and that is the soul we were born with.  God gave each one of His created human beings a choice, always and forever, their own.  You don’t have to be intelligent to realize that no one can take that away from you.  I am sure that His hope and purpose were that you would use the intelligence He gave you to make the right choices.  Of course, He knew what would happen, but He still hoped a few would understand and make the right decisions.  I sincerely hope you are one of those.

However, we (the smart ones) have had to learn how to live in a world of uncertainty while wishing it could have been different.  Do we have the power or intelligence to find and maintain the right solution?  Of course, as you already know, the solution is only valid for our individual life even though hopefully we will continue to pray for those less fortunate.  You probably understand as do I that while we pray for our future we have no control over how it will end or even if we will be ready for it, having all our ducks in a row.  Even though that is true, I do believe we should try to think ahead even as we live in the present.  What kind of a heritage will we leave for those we love?  Will we have left them with a Christian heritage or will they know nothing of the Lord who created them as well as us?  Whatever our current condition, we should consider more than just what we shall leave behind financially.  Even more important is what we shall leave behind spiritually.  Do our children know the Lord we love; do our friends know that they can see us again and where?  Hopefully we have planted seeds, but have we also watered them?

Jesus, himself, left us an example as well as a promise.  We are told in the book of Galatians 3:29 – And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise and in 1st John 2:25 – And this is the promise that He has promised us – eternal life.

Be honest, would you rather have a pot of gold now or those things that are completely beyond your current understanding in a secured future where you will be able to enjoy your good fortune forever?  I feel sure your choice is the same as mine even though we might wish for it in the framework of our current understanding.  Our God is the Father that loves us more than we can possibly understand.  Let us choose to believe Him now, trusting without the proof our current lives desire.

Charles Spurgeon tells us that None of us can come to the highest maturity without enduring the summer heat of trials.  That sounds reasonable even if not desirable, but Craig Greenfield goes a little further and his experience provides another tough one - I have found that if I pray for God to move a mountain, I must be prepared to wake up next to a shovel. 

Well friends, I give up, I am headed to the shed to find my shovel.  Will you join me?