North or South?

Left or right, right or wrong, North or South?  Do you ever have a problem deciding which direction to go or do you just go somewhere that feels right?  Does it make a difference in the long run or is it simply a moment’s preference?  I seriously wonder if many of us spend much time weighing our decisions.  However, I’m certain you have noted that there are those times when, after the fact, you wish you had chosen differently.  Can, or should, we be more serious before making decisions?  You may be like many when making decisions – do what simply feels right at the moment, but you also have probably had times when you wish you had chosen differently.  Is there a simple way to make the right choice?

I believe you already know the answer to that question; there is a best way and a Father who loves to help you make the right decision.  The problem comes when we simply fail to ask His advice which He is always pleased to give.  Sometimes it will work out alright, but then there are those times when we manage to fall on our face wondering why and what did we do wrong.  The thing which we often forget is that our Father sincerely wants to be a part of our lives and our decisions.  Why shouldn’t we allow Him that pleasure?  Paul tells us plainly in the book of Second Thessalonians 3:5 – Now may the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the patience of Christ.  Vernon McGee acknowledges that it’s difficult to love every person, and he believes that Paul meant for love to be in judgment, which implies we should be careful about loving those around us while we wait patiently for the coming of Christ.

It would seem that every decision is essential, but we must learn the basic why before we can allow it to become a part of our thinking.  The Father, like all fathers, didn’t merely cause our creation as something to do on a rainy day.  He chose us, planted us, watered us and constantly oversees our growth while hoping one day to actually be a part of our busy lives.  He didn’t do this because He needs to, but because He sincerely wants to be an ever-present participant in our lives that He can rejoice when appropriate and help when needed.  Those of you who have children can probably relate to those feelings, but whatever position you are in you should remember that one of our Father’s specific instructions was “to love one another.”

You can analyze that instruction up one side and down another, but it will always come out the same.  Love cannot distance itself from life and its occupants and still be love.  We are all God’s children designed to love and honor Him and each other.  While true that we each are designed with certain expectations, we are not designed to accomplish them without specific input from others of God’s many children - one very large, complete and adequate unit functioning in love and with love so that God’s world can accomplish its purpose as designed.

You’re right – we still have a long way to go, but should we give up because it will happen in God’s timing and hopefully as God designed? Certainly not! God’s desire has always been to have one big, loving and grateful body, willing to accomplish together what none could do alone.  Have you done your part?  If not, are you willing to put your hand to the plow before it is too late?  God knew the final result would be as He desired it to be, but He also expected those who loved Him to join Him in the effort. 

Have thine own way, Lord, have thine own way
Thou art the potter, I am the clay;
Mold me and make me after thy will
While I am waiting, wounded and still.