Shall We Gather

At the river, the beautiful, the beautiful river; gather with the saints at the river that flows by the throne of God.  Wait just a moment – I don’t think that’s part of my list for today.

Like me I am sure you have many things to do, plus I still have to get my ducks in a row. Hmm! I want to join my Savior one day in a place where there are no lists and everyone loves one another – just not today. However, spending a day at the river could provide a new look at an old problem. 

It seems in this busy world that every day has a list even if we don’t seem to deliberately plan it that way.  There are the things we need to do and things we want to do.  The problem has always been what is the most important.  If you are like most of us you will pick from the what I want to do list first.  Have you ever stopped to think that neither may satisfy the purpose God put us here for?  Gee, that makes us sound terrible, doesn’t it?  We do owe Him so very much.  Is there any way we can reorganize our schedule to put God’s desire for our lives at the top of the list?

If we read our Bibles, we can see for ourselves the blessings the disciples received from following the Lord they loved, but then neither can we deny that the cost was more than we desire to pay.  Does that mean that we shouldn’t consider the truth that our world while still evil doesn’t normally nail people to crosses?  We should remind ourselves that anything of worth has a cost.

You might be saying that there is a big difference.  The disciples knew their Lord better than we can comprehend today.  Is that because we haven’t met Him in the flesh or that we haven’t studied His Word enough to say we know and understand His position?  That is probably more than we want to admit as our world is so busy today and takes so much of our time.  But then again we have had to study many things just to live today.  What is the difference?

Children have hardly ever lived up to the expectation of their parents, but this is a little different – God is not only our Father, but our Creator; the only one who will determine what will happen to us after our time on earth is over.  If there is any doubt in your mind, which there shouldn’t be, maybe it is time that you begin to protect your eternal future.

God so loved the world – how much or how many do you love?  Is it, or can it ever be enough to save anyone, even yourself?  It has been a long time since Jesus walked this earth and we have not had the opportunity to experience for ourselves His personality or expectations, but knowing that He did arrange for us to know Him through His Word.  Yes, I know, it is awfully easy to put that back on the shelf before we learn anything and in the busy world we live in it is also easy to put what we do know or remember on hold until it is more convenient.  We do have a way of planning for many things we want, but have we forgotten that there is a life beyond the grave? 

We all like to think that we are simply loved for ourselves and our God does love us, but He understands that His creation needs to experience a purpose if life is to make him truly happy.  Can you truthfully say you are happy when you know you have done nothing to earn the reward you desire to have?

God has chosen the weak things of the world
to shame the things which are strong…the things that are not, that He
might nullify the things that are, so that no man may boast before God.
(1st Corinthians 1:27-29).