To Surrender All

Surrender is a word that we often refuse to accept in this day unless we have to. We will go through all kinds of situations to avoid even the suggestion of surrender, and yet all of us already know that there will come a time if it hasn’t already when we will have no choice.

While it is true that as children we often had to give up to our parents' way of thinking, as adults, we are used to handling our problems in our way and mostly without any outside help. I can remember, however, my parents telling me that I should always come to them for help when I ran across something that I couldn’t handle. It was not to be a reflection of weakness but of wisdom.

I wonder how many of us have accepted that wisdom because it doesn’t take any effort to see the struggles that occur in today’s world. However, if you are a parent I know you are pleased when your children actually come to you for help rather than making an even bigger mess by their own efforts. Do you think God looks down on His creation not only knowing what will happen but still hoping His children will see the light and let Him share in their lives? He spoke to many in the early days of this world, hoping I am sure that they would see the light and share their wisdom with those who would be coming thereafter.

It doesn’t take much thought to recognize that our world is vastly different today and managing to get worse by the moment. Could it really be too late to change our thinking and work together to achieve a world worthy of God’s intent? He knew from the beginning what would happen, but you have probably heard the expression that “hope springs eternal in the human breast”. However, we usually apply that to the individual life and attempt to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and try, try again. Why is it that we are thinking that our Creator meant all of us to do what needs to be done by ourselves? God’s original thinking seems to me to be that we should be open to sharing both the good and bad times, both the new and old thinking. Obviously, when He told us to love one another it didn’t require that we all look or think the same or even have the same talents. Within the framework of His plan, we were to love one another and share the diversity of our time and talents.

While it doesn’t take any effort at all to see the diversity of our universe it really is a good thing to be different and to have different talents which were meant to be shared in order to form a more perfect whole. None of us were meant to have all the talent or wisdom; we were meant as a joint endeavor to fashion a perfect world full of all that was needed for life, individual pleasure and joint thanksgiving as children of one Heavenly Father. Guess what, we have failed miserably. However, there is no law saying we can’t go back to square one and try again.

As we read about or listen to today’s world events and come to the realization that things couldn’t be worse maybe we should bow our heads, ask for forgiveness and the opportunity to begin once again to create what the Father envisioned and gave His Son’s life for..

All to Jesus I surrender, All to Him I freely give;
I will ever love and trust Him, In His presence daily live.
I surrender all, I surrender all.
All to Thee, my blessed Savior, I surrender all.