Help in the Storm

With so many things on each daily schedule we do a good bit of running these days, but we all long for the moments when we can slow down, catch our breath and grab a bit of rest and relaxation. Sometimes it seems hard to find that important time, and we wonder how long we can continue at the current pace. It seems to me to be harder to find these days. I wonder why that is. Is it that our list has become so long that we have misplaced our priorities? At the end of the day do we find ourselves telling the Lord, our God that we will do better tomorrow; that we will truly make the time to bring our Creator up to date on what we have accomplished and plead His indulgence for what we have left undone?

It does seem that the pace of life has changed even as we recall the inventions that are saving us more time than our ancestors had. They had to actually wash and dry the dishes as well as hand wash the clothes they wore. We have so much more time than they did, but have we used that time wisely? I imagine that you, like me, would have to agree that we have wasted an awful lot of it. So, admitting that what do we do now? While true, it makes little difference whether we sweep the floor again or choose another task do we ever ask ourselves what our Lord would have us do with our extra time. It doesn’t take a wise man to tell us that there are an awful lot of problems in life today. Is there something that we can do? Indeed, most of us don’t consider the problems of the world beyond our door, but it is also true that some people and situations could well use some time and effort if offered.

He calms the storms, so that its waves are still (Psalm 107:29). For You have been….a refuge from the storm (Isaiah 25:4). It sounds to me as if we have no worries in the storms of life because our Creator, who loves us, will be with us. Does that comfort you; it does me, but what about our neighbors? Sometimes a storm can indeed cause a change of direction in our lives which we may not understand, but it is also true that the One who created us will lead and guide us through this world if we will only trust Him to do so. It may be true that we do not always realize who is doing the leading, but if we ask and listen, usually we will have a Peace that gives us the answer.

Our Creator did not create us and then leave us to make the best of things. Whether we realize it or not He desires to share with us the blessings He has provided if we will only let Him. We are so used to having a contractor do a job, get paid and leave that we rarely realize that the One who made us is enjoying with us the beauty of life as well as its troubles. Maybe we could try to accept His help with joy and thanksgiving and pass it on to those who do not know Him.

I wonder how often we allow His presence in our day to day lives. Do we only call on Him in times of trouble? Shame on us! If you are an adult with children, you should know the enjoyment you receive when your child excels or is blessed beyond your expectations. If you are young and alone, you still should be filled with thanksgiving when things are going smoothly in your life. Our Father loves to share both the good and bad times with His children; surely, that is the least we can do for Him and His other children in return for what He has already given us.

At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light
And the burden of my life rolled away;
It was there by faith I received my sight,
And now I am happy all the day!