Financial Agreement

We will offer any degree we have for only $400 to any person anywhere connected to The House. The $400 includes the application and full tuition. In the next month, this program offering will have 100% free textbooks, so the only additional charge will be the $100 graduation fee.

Students may pay for multiple degrees at once. If someone would like to pay for their Bachelor, Masters, and Doctoral degree all at once, they may do so at a cost of only $1,200. $1,200 is less than the cost of a credit hour at many colleges in the US, but w'e’re doing it because we are committed to creating disciples of Christ, without creating disciples of debt!

$400 Tuition in Full Payment - Any degree offered

Sample Courses

Questions & Answers

Bachelor Sample Course
Masters Sample Course
Doctoral Sample Course
All courses are designed exactly the same with five modules. Only content changes per course.

How can WCBCS offer these degrees so inexpensively?

We are 100% online and have very little overhead; our office space is free, so we have no buildings to heat and cool, or lawns to mow or landscape. Also, this is a labor of love for our professors who donate their time and teaching for a small stipend. In reality, this offer is direct alignment with our mission statement: Creating disciples of Christ, without creating disciples of debt.

Is WCBCS accredited?
Yes. We have governmentally-recognized accreditations that are accepted globally. To read more about our accreditations, please go to

How may students does WCBCS currently have?
We currently have 1,244 students from the US, as well as 5 continents.

Who can be included in this offer?
Anyone. We typically train pastors and lay church leaders, but we know or training is beneficial to anyone who is a Christ Follower and it will help advance their biblical knowledge and service to the Kingdom of god and local church.

Is the program only in English?
Currently the answer is yes. However, we are working on putting the information in Spanish and hope to have that completed in 2020.

Do students need a computer to complete their degree?
No, they can use a computer, smartphone, or tablet to complete their degree. We understand that many nations in the world do not have adequate WiFi, so we have designed our program to work on numerous platforms.

Is WCBCS a part of a denomination?
No, WCBCS has chosen to be non-denominational to work with s many people and church ministries as possible. We have professors from numerous denominations, but our central focus is teaching about Jesus and the Bible! We allow our students to pray about and allow the Holy Spirit to help them develop a personal worldview.

Does WCBCS provide any other services?
Yes, offer onsite two-day conference training where students can earn a ministerial diploma through the teaching of ten courses. We have conducted this training all over the world for thousands of pastors and leaders.

Who can I contact for more information?
Please contact our President, Kevin Harrison, via email at or Dr. Bob Condly..

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