What To Do Next


1) BOOKMARK PAGE: Bookmark this page for future reference

2) APPLICATION: Pay for your application on our APPLICATIONS page.


Submit an official copy of your transcripts to:
West Coast Bible College & Seminary
ATTN: Admissions
250 N State Hwy. 360 #1101
Mansfield, TX 76063

You will not need to submit a high school transcript IF you have other college transcripts being sent to us.

What is an official transcript? It is a transcript that is ordered directly from the school(s), is sealed, and sent directly to our offices. 

4) RECEIVING YOUR DEGREE PLAN: Once we have received your transcripts, someone from our office will email you a degree plan informing you of the exact classes that are needed to be taken. You may not begin your program until you have received a degree plan. Also, you are responsible to make sure that you ONLY take the courses that are on your degree plan. This is VERY important so that you do not waste any time or money taking classes you don't need!

5) LEARNING CHALLENGES: It's VERY IMPORTANT If you have a learning challenge that is documented by an educator, practitioner, or physician, please email info@westcoastbible.org and let us know so we can help you succeed!

6) WATCH THE NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION: To help you understand the program more, we encourage you to watch the New Student Orientation videos. (click here)

7) PAYING FOR CLASSES: Once you have received your degree program, you can pay for the individual class you want or pay for your program in full. You can pay for your classes by going to the WCBCS store.

8) LIBRARY - The primary library resource for WCBCS is Questia (www.questia.com) You ARE NOT REQUIRED to purchase a subscription, but are encouraged to do so for learning purposes. Purchasing Questia is the responsibility of the student and can be purchased at www.questia.com. FOR THOSE WITH FINANCIAL CHALLENGES, the course syllabus will provide alternative resources available for free. 

9) QUESTIONS: If you have any additional questions, please email info@westcoastbible.org or call 1-800-921-4561.

10) BIBLE PRE-ENTRANCE TEST: Take the WCBCS Bible Pre-Entrance Test (this is NOT for a grade, but is important for all students to take)
11) ENROLLMENT DISCLOSURES FORM: Fill out the WCBCS Enrollment Agreement Disclosures Checklist (click here)
12) WCBCS DEMOGRAPHICS SURVEY: Please take this 2-3 minute survey to give us more information about you. 
13) RECRUITMENT SATISFACTION SURVEY: Take the WCBCS Recruitment Satisfaction Survey (less than 3 minutes)

14) WCBCS Student Catalog
15) WCBCS Student Handbook
16) CLICK HERE to acknowledge you have received the Student Catalog and Student Handbook and you understand you are responsible for the information within.