Robert Condly, PhD
Shaun Miles, DMin
Yvette Garcia, DMin
Kevin Harrison, DMin


Syllabus (email any questions regarding your project to or use the form below)
Doctoral Research Project Example (used with permission from Tim Michaux)

Here's how the process works:

1) Students initially contact the advisor to request a phone conversation regarding their project and the meeting gets scheduled. (Use the form below)

2) The student contacts the advisor at the scheduled time and verbally submits ideas for the project for its’ efficacy to be assessed.

3) When verbal approval is given, the student must submit a formal, written explanation of their project and receive written approval before proceeding. The written proposal must be 1 to 3 pages in length, and it must give the overall sense behind the need for and the projected execution of the project. (The student should include a projected timeline for the project)  

4) Once the project is approved, the student is required to check in two times per month with their advisor to give them an update of their process. It is encouraged that this contact be made via form submission on the course page.

5) A student has a maximum of two years to complete their project or to request a one-year extension. Only one extension may be granted per student per degree.

6) Once the project is completed, the student must email the project to Each member of the Project Committee will read and assess your project. 

7) A verbal defense may be required after the submission. 

Also, please use the form below for any questions you may have throughout the course of your project. 


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